Ashry Natural

    Nail Serum - سيرم الاظافر


    خليط من مكونات طبيعيه لتقوية الاظافر وزيادة طولها

    اشري - صابونة الكركديه - Hibiscus Soap


    1 item = 125 gm   - Ideal Anti-aging soap- Rich in Vitamin C- Exfoliant- Powerful Cleanser- Anti Bacterial To be used twice daily

    اشري - صابونة الاعشاب - Herbs Soap


    1 item = 125 gm   -Ideal moisturizer for dry skin - Strong Anti-oxidant - So soft on the skin, best choice for childrens - Heals skin abrasions, rashes, and even...

    الوصفه النوبيه - Nubian Recipe


    1 item = 150 gm   -وصفة سحرية تعالج معظم حالات الشعر وبتخلي شعرك ناعم و دائما بيلمع - الوصفة النوبية تعالج الشعر التالف - بتعزز نمو الشعر و تمنع التساقط...

    كريم الكولاچين - Collagen Cream


    1 item=60gm   بالاضافة الي الكولاجين البحري  - E كريم قوي مضاد للشيخوخة غني بفيتامين - يمنع الشيخوخة المبكرة- يحسن مرونة الجلد- يعزز تجديد الخلايا- يعالج الجروح والحروق وندبات حب الشباب-...

    مقشر القهوه - Coffee Scrub


    1 item= 180 gm  - Improves Blood Circulation - Reduces inflammation - Gets rid of dead skin cells - Gives youthful, radiant skin - Improves skin tone - Reduces appearance...

    Body Butter


    1 item=100gm - Strong Moisturizer rich in fatty acids - Heals wounds, Burns, and scars - Promotes cell regeneration - Anti Wrinkles - Reduces appearance of Cellulite and Stretch Marks...

    زيت چوچوبا/هوهوبا - Jojoba Oil


    1 item = 50 gm   - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold-Pressed .. Moisturizer for all skin types Jojoba oil has a variety of healing properties that may make it effective in...

    زيت جوز الهند - Coconut Oil


    1 item=50g Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold Pressed The ultimate multi-tasker, coconut oil can be used on all hair types (yes even greasy hair) to replenish...

    زيت ارجان مغربى - Moroccan Argan Oil


    1 item= 50 gm  - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold Pressed : Liquid Gold is a Premium Moisturizer Oil Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it can help turn dry,...

    زيت الافوكادو - Avocado Oil


    1 item = 50 gm  - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold-Pressed : Avocado oil is rich in fatty acids and is excellent for moisturizing the skin. In addition to vitamin E,...

    زيت خروع - Castor Oil


    1 item = 50 gm  - Extra Virgin, Organic, Cold Pressed Oil The moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil make it an excellent option to keep hair soft and...

    زيت جنين القمح - Wheat Germ Oil


    1 item = 50 gm   - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold Pressed Antioxidant And Anti-Aging Repairs Tissues Combats hair loss Anti Lice Anti Dandruff

    زيت السمسم - Sesame Oil


    1 item = 50 gm   - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold Pressed Very high in vitamins A and E, which are effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles and are added to many...

    زيت القرع - Pumpkin Oil


    1 item = 50 gm     Improves skin tone Anti Aging Promotes skin renewal Treats hair loss Heals wounds

    زيت اللوز الحلو - Sweet Almond Oil


    1 item = 50 gm   - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold Pressed Best for beating dandruff Though one of the lighter nut oils, almond oil is jam-packed with goodness. Along with antioxidants, vitamin...

    زيت بذر العنب - Grapeseed Oil


    1 item = 50gm   Senstive Skin Care oil for healthy skin Many of grapeseed oil's beauty benefits may be due to its vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid content.

    زيت الورد - Rose Oil


    1 item = 50 gm   Natural Extract : Containing a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, rose essentialoil has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin; it also offers...

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